Sunday, December 14, 2008

Randomm Thoughts and Awesome Occurences

So, this blog has been a long time in the making. It all started a couple of weeks ago in my Museums and Cultures class when my teacher made a remark that was something like "If you wanna see the freak show today, all you have to do is watch TLC." Which is pretty much true. They have the freak families, freak accidents at normal jobs, freak people. Just pretty much freaks all around. Just a random thought....
Since my last post there have been some pretty fun happenings. And by last post, I mean first post. Yeah, I know I don't do a good enough job of posting those kinds of things as they happen but hopefully I'll get better.
Firstly, I went to see a production of Savior of the World at the Meganacle.
It was the first time I had seen anything in the Conference Center so that was a fun experience. Amy's roommate, Leesa (she's the one on the far right), works backstage for the show and scored some tickets for her roommates and their dates to see one of the dress rehearsals. Aside from a few technical issues the show ran well and we all had a great time. After the show, Leesa showed us around the tunnels underneath the Conference Center and around backstage. We even got to go on the set and walk around which was way cool.
Another fun time that was had was our American Appreciation Night that we held for Kellie.
Kellie had applied for a study abroad program in London and didn't get accepted (which turned out to be okay because she later got accepted to one in Italy which I think is way better than London) so we threw her a surprise party at Amy's. First, Wistie, Wistie's friend Allie, and I went over to Kellie's and kidnapped her by throwing a blanket over her head and rushing her out the door and into her car. Matt drove us over to Amy's place and I carried her into the apartment. We had a grand old time eating American foods like hamburgers and hot dogs and watching An American Tale, playing with sparklers, and singing America the Beautiful. It was a pretty fun way to show Kellie that we loved her even though she couldn't go to London. But like I said before, now she gets to go to Italy for 6 weeks and I'm slightly jealous of her.

Have you ever wondered how people come up with the warnings for medications like "do not take while operating heavy machinery"? I mean, some of them are easy like "do not take while breast feeding" but some of them are weird. For example, yesterday I was watching TV at my sister's house and this commercial came on for some medication for some prostate condition and one of the warnings was "If you are considering cataract surgery, please notify your optometrist that you are using this drug". Now this got me thinking, what if they develop this drug and then have a team of people just sitting around asking "Well, we have this drug, what warnings should we have?" "I dunno, lets try it on this guy and then have him go through cataract surgery." A few days later: "Man, that didn't turn out so well. We better write that one down." Man takes note on pad.

I heard the other day that Mr. T talked someone out of a coma. Yeah, apparently the kid had been in a coma for like 20 years and his arm would twitch every time someone mentioned Mr. T's name (I wonder if anyone thought they would try and get a kick out of just sitting next to the bed and telling a plethora of Mr. T jokes) so the doctors called Mr. T and asked him to swing by. When Mr. T finally made it over there, he went the guy's room and started praying out loud and the kid woke up. Pretty crazy story.

Oh yeah, so another fun thing that I was apart of was a Guy Fawkes celebration bonfire. For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Guy Fawkes, you can google him or watch the first bit of V for Vendetta. Guy Fawkes day is a celebration held over in England and for an FHE activity, my family wanted to celebrate it. We didn't get to celebrate it on the real day, November 5th, because of bad weather, so when the weather got better, we went up to a campsite up in Provo Canyon. Brian built a nice fire and Kim made a little stick effigy of Guy Fawkes with a marshmallow head, gave a little explanation on why we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day for the uninformed, and then threw it into the fire.
We mostly spent the rest of the time making s'mores and melting starburst and just hanging out. There was also this cool log swing thingie in a tree close to the fire pit area so we had fun with that.

So yeah, theres a little glimpse into my life at the BYU. All of these activities are usually enough to keep me out of trouble but sometimes I get cornered and have to deal with the swarms of girls that follow me around.