Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hooping and Hollering

So as some of you have heard, and even less of you have seen, I decided to learn how to hoop dance this last Feb. and March as part of a group that was to exhibit the hoop dance prior to the actual competition. It was all fun and games and stuff and I even got to see cousin Al in the drum circle in front of where I was dancing. We each made 8 hoops and paid for our costumes and such and learned a routine from the head lady of powwow who is also in Living Legends. Learning was pretty fun and all and I'm considering carrying on with this new found talent for a little longer. All I really need to do to develop it is learn some more formations and practice.
Well, the other day I was sitting in my bed and working on a scholarship when one of the guys who was in the class called and asked if I could dance for a married ward's culture night thing in a half hour and I said sure why not and went and did it. It was good times. Here's the video from the thing. I don't think any of them had ever seen it before, due to the fact that there wasn't a lot of cheering and such. But then again there wasn't really a lot of people there.

Towards the end of this routine my moccasin started to fall off and when I attempted to make the hole in the sphere big enough to get both it and my foot through, without having it fall off, it didn't work too well. Thats why the sphere at the end is held for not that long. Guess that means I just need to practice more!