Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Living Legends

Now for some more news that most of you have heard about but few of you have seen about. This is just in case you happen upon someone else who knows me and then you can ask them "Did you see about that Steve Freeman kid?" and as the information is relayed, your acquaintance will be all atwitter with info that they may or may not have wanted to see about.
A year ago, as some of you may remember, I took up learning how to hoop dance. Apparently I performed said dance well enough at last year's BYU Powwow that people actually thought I should do it for one of BYU's performing groups, Living Legends. I figured it was worth a try auditioning for and all and as luck would have it, I made it in the Native Section.
For those of you unfamiliar with Living Legends, it is a fairly unique group that weaves cultural dances and stories from Native American tribes, Latin American cultures, and Polynesian cultures to share stories of a people who live through various seasons (ex: a season of prosperity, a season of pride, a season of war, etc).
Anyways, we had our first performances in October and our first full length show in November. Most recently we had a show on campus and the following pictures are all from rehearsals that led up to that show.This is a picture of me dancing an Eagle Dance. It is one of the first dances of the show.

This is the whole Native Section dancing a traditional Yupik dance from Alaska.

This is a good portion of the group dancing the Samoan Sasa

This one is of Jerad and I performing a Navajo Bow and Arrow Dance
This one is of me performing a Fancy Dance

These ones are from the Warrior Suite portion of the show
This is a shot of some of us doing the Maori Whakaeke. I'm the one on the far right that looks like a starving Ethernopian.This is some more of us dancing in an Aztecan manner. I'm the one on the far right again.
This is the Native guys performing a Native American Grass dance. I'm the one in the middle.
This is me towards the end of the hoop dance. I've already made my top world and am about to make the bottom one too.

This is the group in the Finale Group Pose.
So there you have it. A little insight into what takes up a good portion of my time. And the best part about being in Living Legends?................................

Amy just joined Tech crew so she gets to travel with us! It's a pretty sweet deal. It would even be sweeter if she actually had to wear this Ecuadorian outfit backstage during the show. But she doesn't, this was just for a promotional thing for China.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Got Married!

So, for those of you who are close enough to know I have a blog but not close enough to know I got married, this post is for you.
For everyone else, this is old news.
Amy and I were sealed in the San Antonio Temple on Nov. 28th, 2009.It being Thanksgiving weekend we were VERY grateful for the amount of family

and friends

that were able to make it. The reception was held that evening and photographic evidence proves good times were had.