Sunday, May 31, 2009

Part the Second

So, two other things that I would like to mention, one of which I have mentioned before, is the events of the past weekend. Now that I think of it, there are three things that I would like to mention. Actually, there are four, but the last one I will wait to mention for another week.
Item of the First: I got to see my brother Chris and his family (Leah and Jonathan). They were up here for couple different events and spent the night at my apt Friday night so that was nice and fun to have them around. I even got to see Baby John practice smiling. Cutest darn thing you ever did see.
Secondly iteming the blog: Matt, Amy, and I went and saw Disney/Pixar's latest production: Up. IN 3D! It was cool. Thats where we got these sweet glasses. They told us to be green at the end of the movie and throw them away, but the opportunity was too golden. As fairy godmother says "Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor." So we took advantage of the moment, and by we I mean me, and pocketed said glasses. What a rush! OK, so maybe not so much.
Last item of business. We went up to Ogden today to go hear our friend Melanie give her farewell talk. She has been called to serve in the Arizona Phoenix Mission (my home mission) and enters the Missionary Training Center on June 10th. We all worked with her at Jacob Lake and it was nice to see some of our other fellow Jacob Lakers there. I'm not entirely sure why Matt looks like a hunchback in this picture. Actually, I think it might be so that he doesn't hit his head on the tree branches. I did that once. Not too fun. Kinda like that one time I fell out of a tree in Rexburg. That was also not fun. At least, not for me. I know Matt and Alex laughed their respective heads off.
Oh wait, there is one more thing!
Epilogue: We went to some hot springs a little past Fillmore. It was nice. The End


Anonymous said...

i'm sad i'm missing out on all of your fun. i miss you guys a lot. find me a man for when i come back, would ya? thanks?

Kellies said...

Dear Steve,
I concur with Wisteria. I wish I could be there having fun with you guys! Thank you for taking pictures of my hot boyfriend while I'm gone so I can see how awesome he looks. Miss you guys tons. Can't wait to be back! Never gonna use the word "I" correctly again! Love you!