Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Holy War-First Half

This is my first official blog coverage of the BYU-UofU football game. Some initial observations at halftime:

Utah doesn't even need a run game. Brian Johnson is on the money with all of his throws. There have been a lot of short passes, although they have scored once on a huge pass play. Why do we give them such a cushion?

Our run game is going well. Unga has two TD's, which is a really good thing, especially since Hall hasn't exactly been on the money with his throws nor has he made good desicions. This is evidenced by the interception right before halftime when all he needed was to run the four yards for the first down. Then he reacts in the wrong way with a Ute and costs us fifteen yards, setting up the long Ute TD.

If we win this game we'll have to get to Johnson more on defense, and Hall will have to be smarter. Period.

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