Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Virgin One

Well, this is my first blog. Does this make me an official blogger? What is it that makes things official? Hmm........
So a couple of my friends and family members have blogs. It seems like a good idea. I'm on the internet enough, I think I could do it. Maybe it could be one of those things that I can do to get me in the writing mode enough to do homework. We'll see.
This is normally where I'd start saying stuff about me but I'm assuming if you are reading this then you know me. So I'll give a little recap of where I am now.
As of right now my life is moving along. I'm a poor college student finishing up my second full semester at Brigham Young University, making me closer to obtaining a degree in Anthropology. I have really good friends that I have a ton of fun with. A good portion of the friends that I spend time with, I worked with this past summer. A bunch of us former employees are getting together this weekend so that should be a blast. Plus there is the BYU-UofU game this weekend. ITS GONNA BE SO GOOD! I'm excited.
Oh so here's a crazy story. One of the girls that I home teach just got engaged. Thats not the story, thats actually the end. The beginning begins when a group of the aforementioned friends and I ventured up to Idaho to see some of the other peeps we worked with. While I was there my home teaching companion called to let me know that he was finally available to go home teaching and wanted to know if I could do it the next day, which was also the last day. I informed him that I was in Idaho and wouldn't be back until late the next day so he said he'd get his roommate to go with him. Well, his roommate and our home teachee hit it off and two months later, BAM, they're engaged. They're getting married January 17th. Crazy huh?

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Jeremiah said...

It's "official" when you're still posting to it no matter how infrequent after two years!

What would also help the "officialality" of it would be to keep BYU marriage stories to a minimum. ;)

Dang, Webster's should hire me!