Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Blogging

So, as I'm sure you have noticed, I'm not too good at thinking about what I want to blog about. Or, when I do, then it takes forever to get around to actually doing it. So, in an effort to shorten the gap between blog entries, I've decided to blog about Facebook status changing. A couple of my friends pointed out the other day that I change my status quite a bit and I figure if I blog about the status changes of a couple days, it would be a decent sized post.
Monday, January 5: My first status of the day was "Stephen has to sneeze". All morning I had that tickle in my nose, and I just couldn't sneeze to save my life. And then, seconds after typing that, I sneezed. It was magical, let me tell you. Five hours later I changed my status so that it said I was talking to my girlfriend. If I recall correctly, that was one of the last times we got to talk on the phone because she was leaving for Mexico for the semester. Then a status about being back to school. And finally a status "Stephen is back, and apparently so is the snow" because that afternoon the snowfall started and it lasted for a couple days. Like all snowfall, it was nice and fun for a bit and then it was just in the way. That weekend, driving around in it, we got stuck so many times. We helped others and got help and it was good times all around.

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