Monday, January 19, 2009

Hopi Surprise Birthday

Last night my friends threw me a surprise birthday party. Seeing as how it was 22 days after my 22nd birthday(which was a complete coincidence), you can imagine my surprise. The preparations began, I assume, on Friday. Or Saturday. My roommate Jeremiah calls me up and asks what kind of food I like, because him and his fiance, Chelsea, were having a bet on what I'd say, and so I said Chinese. I didn't really try to think of any reason that they would ask me that, so as a result I didn't connect it later when Jere told me that we were having a potluck at Chelsea's Sunday evening with some other friends we worked with this past summer. I had a meeting that night with other FHE peoples to let them know what the plans were for our ward FHE and to let them know their new families, and then I hurried home so Jeremiah could give me a ride to Chelsea's. When we got there I thought that no one else was there yet and so I went and knocked on the door and when it opened I saw that Chelsea's living room had been decorated with streamers and balloons were everywhere. Matt, Kellie, Wistie, and Chelsea yelled "SURPRISE" and Kellie sang a song called "Stevie P" sung to the tune of the Spider-Man theme song. There was a huge sign on the wall that said "Hopi Surprise", a nickname that my girlfriend, Amy, gave me once while I was playing basketball.
In case you were wondering why I am wearing a tiara, its because I said if it was my birthday then I needed to have a hat(a family birthday tradition where the b-day person has to wear a weird hat)and Wistie was wearing a tiara and told me to wear it. So yeah. Chelsea made a delicious dinner consisting of Broccoli and Beef and Fried Rice. Plus also there was Dr. Pepper, which has become a favorite of mine. After dinner, I got two cakes, one with the candles formed in an "S" for "Stevie" and another that said Hopi B-Day with a candle shaped like a "P" for "P". The cakes were made by Kellie and Matt and consisted of pink-spotted purple cake with blue frosting. Think Sully from Monsters Inc., but as a cake.
After the cake, we played a game called The Game of Things and a few hands of poker and then Kellie gave me a present from her and Matt. Its a statue of an almost naked indian, and it looks kinda like the one on the campus of BYU which is what I was for Halloween this last year so that was pretty fun.
All in all, it was an awesome party. Plus, seeing as how the Cardinals are playing in the Super Bowl, it was a good day to have a birthday. Which reminds me of a quote that someone from Pakistan sent to Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons explaining how the Cardinals even got this far. Apparently Kurt Warner promised his kids a puppy (kinda like Barak Obama) if they won made it to the Super Bowl and the Pakistani guy wrote "You don't bet against God and puppies!"
Anyways, here are a few more pictures from the party. I love my friends!

This is Wistie and the balloons we covered her with.

This is the party people minus Chelsea (she was taking the picture)

This is our wonderful cook and gracious hostess, Chelsea.

This is a close up of the "Hopi B-Day" cake

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